SB 1530A Federal agencies to determine, state and federal mining programs can be better coordinated

Died In Committee
SB 1530 Requires certain state agencies to consult with certain federal agencies to determine whether state and federal mining programs can be better coordinated.
Summary: This bill will further eliminate Oregon’s small-scale mining industry and negatively affect the economies of Oregon’s rural communities.
Fiscal Responsibility:
Increases burdens on state funds by requiring implementation and  oversight by multiple state agencies.
Local Control:
Attempts to gain authority over Federal mining laws. 
Free Markets
Attempts to regulate production by requiring burdensome permitting and fees in operations using equipment other than hand tools.Changes prospecting and casual mining to exploration and requires an additional permit. Requires any motorized activities to pay $400 additional permitting.Regulates off stream mining and surface mining, to forms of mining that are not currently not part of the moratorium. As regulations regarding small plants and rocks, IE. Rock can only be moved  by one person, only using their hands. Removes under 50 cubit yard permit exemption for small operators.
Limited Government
Attempts to insert the state into matters of federal jurisdiction in several areas, from the amount of materials without a plan of operations or notice of intent to the simple ability to work a Federal mineral claim. Requires claim owners to prove they have a valuable deposit that can be economically mined, requiring validity tests conducted by BLM that costs Taxpayers about $20.000 per mining claim.
Personal Choice and Responsibility
Would require burdensome regulation and fees, provides opportunity in rulemaking to arbitrarily redefine lands and waters. Application requirements are subject to change by rule, and as written are intrusive to business strategy of operators. Attempts to allow the issuance of violations upon allegations.
SB1530 attempted to add “surface mining” to the law, which oversteps the intent of the moratorium. Does not lift moratorium in most places. Requires Indian tribes and NGO’s to give permit approval.
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  1. Favicon image winners says:


    All the areas that are closed under the moratorium will be kept closed by this legislation.
    It doesn’t mater if its legal, is it right… these mining claims mean to world to many people some claims have been passed down for generations, this is like taking the family farm with eminent domain just so you can put in a park, not just one family thousands…



  2. Favicon image Karen says:

    For the record, when SB838 went through legislature, it was passed as a law that would stop motorized dredge mining, but after making the rounds in rulemaking, that is not where it ended. In the end, it ended up banning efficient suction devices – motorized or not – and increased the applicable area of the law. Most importantly, it asked applicants to voluntarily forfeit their 4th Amendment rights to the state. It is my impression that those things would have been deal-breakers for the few votes in which they needed to get the bill passed, so they left them to Rulemaking to insert them there.

    With this history of the overstepping intent of the laws by Administrative Rule, I assume that there are unknown rules waiting in the wings – the deal-breaking proposals that would be deal-breakers on the legislative floors.


  3. Favicon image Gold Nuggets says:


    The proposed SB 1530 (Bates) will serve only to totally shut down Small Scale Mining operations by the miners in Oregon. Fees and over restrictive regulations will be far from equitable for miners, resulting in senarios that the State of Oregon had better be prepared to deal with……This is something that none of the miners, loggers, ranchers and users of public lands in this State want to see happen. But with the insane way the Legislators in Salem have been taking away rights and freedoms from Oregon Citizens… is inevitable.


  4. Favicon image dlorendarnell says:


    This bill and others will immediately strip tens of millions of dollars out of Oregon’s most economically depresses counties.

    Suppliers will shut their doors and all the ancillary businesses that supply the needs of miners (or anyone else who uses our forests) will suffer decreased revenue as well.

    Perhaps the worst cconsequence though, is many will lose a vital source of income.

    Urge you Representative to vote no.


  5. Favicon image Todd Kleinert says:


    Our constitution begins with, “We the people” (NOT “The corporations..”). So when will the government stop acting on behalf of big corp money? This is nonsense, and needs to stop. Mining is a necessary industry. Without mining, there would be no electronics, just as ONE example. Many other industries would suffer as well, if this is not stopped immediately.. Time to take back our rights, and our purpose. The government works for us, and they need to start to realize that. 


  6. Favicon image Richard says:


    I apologize….but I’m writing to you with emotion today.  I normally try to be analytical in my posts.  But after years of staying within the “normal game”, with no tangible gains, I think its time to change our game.

    Please know that I’ve spent 6 plus hours a day at this computer searching, researching a LOT of issues, not just small-scale dredging.

    – the timber industry has been screwed

    – the miners are getting screwed

    – the ranchers are getting forced out

    – the farmers are under the gun for using water

    – the off-roaders, and campers are being cut off from access due to massive agency- wide new policies.  You know all this of course…..

    I’ve seen and heard countless scoping meetings, legislative committee meetings, etc.  And the one thing common to all, is we are playing by THEIR rules.  The call came out to comment on SB1530 (Bates), and I felt physically nauseous…”here we go again” good honest people playing a rigged game.

    We need to start asking ourselves what a few nights in jail are worth!!  Those kids spiking the trees knew how to effect change so long ago…ok, you get the picture…have a nice day, rant over…..


  7. Favicon image AnonymousMouse says:


    This isn’t about saving a species, and it’s not about murky water.

    We’ve all seen how muddy the rain swollen raging rivers become in the winter. If turbidty was really a pollutant, all fish would have been dead a long time ago.

    Progressives lie. They lie to you; they lie to your kids. That’s how they win.

    It’s about control. It’s about the state of Oregon realizing that there is a segment of an industry that they have not taxed and regulated to hell. It’s about the state ever wanting illegal authority to take more and more and more control over how its people live, do, eat and play.

    It’s about anti-industry, just like every other piece of Oregon legislation passed in the last year. It’s about de-development and campaign contributions, smug progressives assuming postions of authority over every aspect of our lives.

    Because they truly believe it is their right and responsibility to tell us what to do.


    • Favicon image BJ says:




  8. Favicon image Brody says:


    I am 10 years old and I have a two resons why this bill should not be passed.

    1. Dredge mineing shold not be reomoved because its esential for the fish or they will die

    2.It cleans water polution


  9. Favicon image mendoAu says:


    This is a blatant misuse of elected power. What happened to scientific proof that small scale mining causes less than minimal environment damage. Why after the few open to the public meetings have none/zero middle of the road suggestions been implimented? I guess in this day and age if you aren’t rich you just get kicked to the curb. On the other hand after some research I find that when I no longer have a job (mining) that I will qualify for about $800 a month on SSI, $180 a month in food assistance, FREE medical/dental (possibly $3000 in new dentures) , free $330 in current medications, and still maintain my claim by panning and sluicing. I don’t even have to pay tax on my found gold until/if I sell it. And just pretty much just sit on my butt and become a ward of the State…oh, well.



  10. Favicon image karend says:


    From a CA miner who spends resources in Oregon:

    “More regulations on an industry that doesn’t need more regulation and you’re not authorized to regulate?

    Oregon, how about you do something about solving the crime problems you already have instead of turning law abiding, hard working citizen miners into criminals w/ your illegal regulations.

    I belong to several mining organizations that have claims in your state so I have a vested interest in the things you do to miners. Mellisa Fernandez”



    • Favicon image karend says:


      Mellisa makes a great point. Radical envrionmentalists want to see to evolve Oregon into a tourist-based playground (and wildfire-based) economy, but are reducng reasons for tourism.


  11. Favicon image OVRBRDN says:


    I oppose SB 1530. It is unlawful and  denies the Mineral Estate Grantee  the ability to exercise their mineral estate grant.

    Per Alan Bates “we will make this defensible in court”
    so every comment, testimony or objection will be sent to the lawyers to make sure this is defensible in court.
    This is hostile law making against our common citizens, how can this be tolerated or condoned. 


  12. Favicon image KarenD says:


    Just stop voting for Democrats and this crap won’t happen. #KatesOregon


  13. Favicon image Jim says:


    I don’t get it, really. A couple years ago we were told that dredging hurt salmon, but that truned out to be a lie. Now we can’t dredge anyway. what do all of these taxes and fees and conditions and regulations have to do with saving the salmon that aren’t dying anyway?

    I just don’t get it.


    Favicon image Displaced Miner says:


    • Favicon image Karend says:

      OR Sen Alan Bates’ happy donor strategy: 1) miner too loud 2) silence ALL miners 3) regulate and tax miners 5) no more mining. Donor wins.


      Favicon image Karend says:


  14. When is enough, enough?! If the problem is a big donor of Bates’ and Kitzhaber’s who lives in Gold Hill not liking the sound of a small engine in the morning, why not just put regulations on operators who work in areas around homes? But they try to put us out of business instead? How does that even make sense? Why are we all being punished for one person’s bad manners? Funny, that doesn’t happen to some other demographic groups….

    Why do they want to know my sercets, like the GPS location of my claim and how many ounces per ton I’m getting from my material? So they can rope it up into a new monument or wilderness? This is starting to smell like Harney County!





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