SB 1538 Localities allowed to ban carry by CHL holders

SB 1538 VOTE:NO – Died in Committee

Status (overview) of bill:
Committee assigned to bill:

This bill allows cities, counties, school districts, colleges and universities, and metropolitan service districts to ban carried firearms in or on the grounds of “Public Buildings” – *even by those with Concealed Handgun Licenses.*

“Public Building” is defined in ORS 166.360: “Public building” means a hospital, a capitol building, a public or private school, as defined in ORS 339.315, a college or university, a city hall or the residence of any state official elected by the state at large, and the grounds adjacent to each such building. The term also includes that portion of any other building occupied by an agency of the state or a municipal corporation, as defined in ORS 297.405, other than a court facility.

Personal Choice and Responsibility
This would make it effectively impossible to legally carry protection, as a person could never know whether they might be on property where carry is illegal. There is no justification for this. CHL holders are the most law-abiding segment of society, committing crimes at even a lower rate than police officers. Further, they constantly save lives by being ‘there’ and stopping or at least slowing an attacker until police can arrive.

76% of Police Chiefs and Sheriffs said “law-abiding armed citizens help law enforcement reduce violent criminal activity” in the 28th annual survey by the National Association of Chiefs of Police at

The FBI report on 50 active shooter incidents in 2016-2017 concluded that “Armed and unarmed citizens engaged the shooter in 10 incidents. They safely and successfully ended the shootings in eight of those incidents. Their selfless actions likely saved many lives.”

There is NO problem this bill needs to solve, as concealed carry permit holders not only do not cause problems, they often stop them. This bill if enacted, will lead to the loss of life of innocent, defenseless people.

Limited Government
Holders of concealed permits have gone through extensive background checks and have proven they are not a threat to anyone. For government to force these citizens to disarm and be defenseless is unconscionable. No one has a right to deny someone else the ability to defend their life. This is unconstitutional as it obviously infringes on the right to bear protected by the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and will be held as such if it is enacted and goes to court.

Local Control
Oregon Citizens Lobby is in favor of “local control” – deferring to local government wherever possible rather than state or federal government. But the U.S. Constitution, where there is a conflict, supersedes all and in protection of rights enumerated in the bill of rights, must be the deciding factor.


  1. Eric Ross says:


  2. George Schneider says:

    …and there goes the 2A in OR. Still don’t think this is a commie conspiracy?

  3. Casey Runyan says:

    So they’re gutting 166.170 state preemption.

  4. Stefanie Franscioni Delbrueck says:

    Brennan Welch ???

  5. Firearms says:


  6. David Straight says:

    Shall not be infringed, any code contrary is null and void

  7. Jennifer Brown says:

    My Rights are NOT FOR SALE PERIOD

  8. Ronny Fuller says:

    Voids anything that goes against the constitution of the United states of America . Its also in our Amendment’s. Witch also means god given right at birth as an American ill fuck you up for attacks on we the people. Youll get a foot deep in your ass. VOID ! Well not comply Bloomberg.

  9. Judy Fazzolari Fralia-Mantello says:

    SB 1538 needs to be shot down.

  10. Oregon Citizens Lobby says:

    We need people to send testimony ASAP!!!!

    • Jonna Pahlisch says:

      I printed up the bill and as I’m reading through it, I want to make sure I’m understanding what is at stake here, before I send in my testimonial. It appears this bill will also ban ALL weapons, including mace, pepper spray stun gun etc. from any public building or grounds, but not parking lots?? So a women in college cannot carry pepper spray onto college campus, just in the parking lot?? How is she to walk back to her car from class, and only have her pepper spray available in her car? That makes zero sense for protection! Am I understanding this correctly? Class C felony for carrying mace? I’ve carried mace since I was a teenager.

  11. Bethany Penhall says:

    Kelly Yzaguirre

  12. Bethany Penhall says:

    Jonna Pahlisch

    • Jonna Pahlisch says:

      Bethany Penhall I’m thinking about driving over to make a live testimony. Wednesday at 8am right??

    • Bethany Penhall says:

      Jonna Pahlisch I’ll have to check on that. Maybe Sharon would go? If anything we could see if we can rally to get some testimonies in there.

    • Jonna Pahlisch says:

      Bethany Penhall I’ll definitely call and write emails. I see Linthicum is on committee, so I’ll call Diane and see what she has to say.

  13. Tammy Bennett says:

    Stacy Cayce


  14. Kelly Yzaguirre says:

    Sharon Preston Nic Yzaguirre Mary Elizabeth
    share share share, please write in

  15. Kelly Yzaguirre says:

    Chad Russell

  16. Kelly Yzaguirre says:

    Peter Camreta


  17. Kelly Yzaguirre says:

    Louie Yzaguirre

  18. Kelly Yzaguirre says:

    Sue Conrad


  19. Kelly Yzaguirre says:

    Amanda Wold

  20. Kelly Yzaguirre says:

    Ashley Sol


  21. Kelly Yzaguirre says:

    Kalvin Hobin

  22. Kelly Yzaguirre says:

    Michael Kusinska


  23. Kelly Yzaguirre says:

    This is ridiculous!!!! What’s the point of even having a CHL??? Might as well try to ban CHLs…..oh wait, that would make them loose money.

  24. Kelly Yzaguirre says:

    Matt Foster

    • Matt Foster says:

      Kelly Yzaguirre I will never beg them to not take my inalienable right to self defense that is protected in the Constitution. I will not beg them to let me keep a right that they have no authority over in the first place to take.
      I carry all over and will never ask permission to exercise that right.

    • Kelly Yzaguirre says:

      If we don’t show up, we have no chance to fight the tyranny. No, they do not have the right to do this, but unfortunately they are.

  25. Darlene Lamb-Atkinson says:

    When’s the cut off?


  26. Tina Herman says:

    Michael Harrington


  27. Susan LaCasse says:

    Law abiding citizens have a right to protect themselves. Criminals will not and do not follow laws. New bans will not prevent them from getting guns and commiting crimes, are you freaking kidding. We have an absolute right to protect ourselves at all times!

  28. Anni L Anderson says:

    KATE BROWN AND HER CRONIES ARE DONE! You are far reaching in your attempt to mimic California, and we are done allowing it.
    If you support this bill as a representative of Oregon citizens, YOU WILL BE VOTED OUT, GUARANTEED.


  29. Barbara Robinson says:

    The citizens right to bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED UPON !

  30. Jonna Pahlisch says:

    Carly M Bautista

  31. Anni Anderson says:

    Exactly and all it does is make sitting ducks out of us for criminals and the government. But the line between those two groups is getting mighty blurry isn’t it?

  32. Brandon Treinen says:

    “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.


    I not only keep my firearm for protection but I also shoot it for sport. One reason why I have one for protection is that I’ve been in the Security field for a hair over 10 years and before I started carrying I would run into people that I had arrested wasn’t always a pleasant experience running into them. Most of these police officers and deputies will not listen to their government because they know its wrong and they believe in the 2nd amendment. GOD HELP OUR GOVERNMENT. ??

  33. Bruce Johnston says:

    You all took an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America.
    By voting yes to not only this bill but any other that infringes on our 2nd amendment rights is a violation of that oath sworn to God and Country.
    I have the right to defend myself. I’m not willing to give up that right are you!

  34. Ronald G Wright says:

    This proposal does nothing to insure the safety of individuals! I suspect, the persons that came up with this ignorant idea have never fired a gun, do not own a firearm, know nothing about guns or the current laws, have no idea of situation awareness when it comes to self defense. Pocket knives, stun guns, pepper spray, tactical pens in the right hands also can deter criminals!

    With over 50 years in the martial arts, I carry a firearm 24/7 and so does my spouse. Restricting weapons in public places has two outcomes… The law abiding citizen that carries will protect themselves, family and those they are around… the CRIMINAL, TERRORIST, MENTALLY ILL individual won’t follow the law and will do carnage in any fashion they want… be it a gun, knife, automobile, bomb…ect…

    These proposals do nothing to deter crime… it makes these public places a ‘SOFT TARGET’ ! The anti gun crowd is so ignorant to the current laws already on the books, that they want to add more restrictions that really make us less safe! And, makes criminals out of law abiding citizens… Solution, make laws harsher for criminals. Bring gun safety, laws, respect back into the schools!

    I am a USAF vet, former firefighter, and have thousands of hours on the range, tactical training, safety, in pistol, rifle shotgun… extensive training by the best.. a former Marine, former cop and FBI Certified Firearms Instructor… Our search and rescue team found a deceased woman after she had been missing over a month… she had been killed with blunt force! Portland, Oregon last year… over 50 plus deaths due to auto crashes and pedestrians killed… Are lawmakers going to take cars away from people now?

    The long term agenda of the radical left is to DISARM Americans! This will never happen… There are millions of gun owners in America… we are a force not be pushed… we will take legal action against everyone that pushes to take our 2nd Amendment Rights away from us… SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!

    RG Wright

    • BJ says:

      God bless you and thank you for your service, Sir.

  35. Toby Bassett says:

    This law will turn honest hard working concealed handgun licensees into felons. I obtained my license over thirty years ago because my occupation as a Real Estate Broker/ Property Manager was deemed a high risk occupation buy the FBI. Imagine how confusing it would be to do that job not knowing what laws apply in which city, county, school district or commercial building you might enter to do that job??

  36. Jerry L Combs says:

    My second amendment was established by smarter men than are alive today! Ive been a free man all of my life, hunting and fishing, and carrying a gun most of my life. Trained to do so at a very young age. Im a 53 year old conservative man who has never committed a crime with a gun. I was good enough to work for the State of Oregon brandishing a gun every single day i was on the job. And now a bunch of gun hating individuals want to just up and say hey, you cant have those guns anymore, or we will tell you when and where i can carry them. And oh by the way you can own a gun but you have to keep them locked up. Well its my full intent to chalkenge the validity of these laws through the federal courts when you infringe on my GOD given rights to exist as a free man inside of this free Nation!

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