SB 1566 Increases legislator’s salary

Died in committee on 3-4-22
Status (overview) of bill:

Establishes annual salary of members of Legislative Assembly equal to annual occupational mean wage estimate for Oregon for prior year, and interim expenses adjusted for cost-of-living. Authorizes $1,000 per month child care allowance.

Personal Choice and Responsibility
The salary for legislators was set to be a servant of the people. That has changed. The manipulation keeping the public voice silent is making the legislature more powerful than ever intended. What we need is put the brake on new programs and do a complete audit to determine the value of our “servants.” The raise in pay and childcare is all part of getting more minorities elected to complete their plans of socialism.

Fiscal Responsibility
State legislator salaries would go from $32,839 to about $57,000. The poverty level is $27,750. Directs that salary of members of Legislative Assembly be adjusted to conform to annual occupational mean wage estimate once every two years. Applies cost-of-living adjustment to monthly interim expense allowance received by members. Authorizes child care allowance of $1000 per month for members who have children or dependents under 13 years of age.

Limited Government
Being a legislator has become more than a part-time job, by their own making. Legislative Days increases with every study, task force and project passed.


  1. Linda fravel says:

    There are only 40 days a calendar year these people work. With a 32,829 a year salary currently that is 820.97 a day. They also receive a stipend for lodging etc. There is absolutely no need to raise the salaries. We need less government not more.


  2. Marlene Pickens says:

    More than a 70% raise in salary is unreasonable. The peoples “servants” are costing us too much. Plus 1,000 for any that have young children. Unreasonable. They work often to the detriment of the people. Maybe they should be charged an incremental fee for the increased taxes they put upon us, the people.

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