SB 1574A Greenhouse gas emissions goals by rule

Died In Committee
Heathy Climate Act (SB 1574) 
SUMMARY: Repeals greenhouse gas emissions goals and requires EQC to adopt by rule statewide greenhouse gas emissions goal for 2025, and limits for years 2035 and 2050.
This Cap and Invest program would establish a program in which carbon emissions from transportation fuels, coal and gas electric power generation, and industrial emissions, would be capped. Pollution "allowances" would be auctioned by the state to those emitting entities. The proceeds from the sale of the allowances would be invested directly into efforts such as utility bill rate relief, carbon reducing transportation projects, greenhouse gas reduction investments, and community and economic adaptation and resilience measures; such as water storage and irrigation upgrades for rural economies. 
The program is an indirect tax on utilities based on air that will be passed on to consumers. It's a form of redistribution at consumers expense.
Oregon is ranked 39 in carbon emissions and would have met all federal goals if Oregon considered hydro power a renewable energy as most other states do.
Referring this important issue for rule making allows unelected agencies to write law.









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