SB 1578 Refunds under Cap and Trade

VOTE: NO – Died In Committee
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This bill refunds to some low income drivers and subsidizes off road diesel users in agriculture and logging from the devastating economic effects of SB 1530 (cap and trade).

Personal Choice and Responsibility
Fuel is an increasingly significant cost driver for every family and the cost impact it has on businesses adds to every family expenses as well. The lowest income families don’t file tax returns and won’t know to file for this refund.

Fiscal Responsibility
Provides a refund program to offset some of the cost increases that are anticipated under the cap-and-trade program envisioned under SB 1530. Redirects hundreds of millions of dollars per biennium from the cap & invest program’s transportation decarbonization fund and climate investment fund to give rebates to low income drivers and refund off-road diesel users, agriculture and logging operations. The responsible thing is not collect the money at all, so providing a refund is about control and makes it easy to reduce the refund and eventually repeal.

Limited Government
This illustrates how destructive cap and trade is on the economy. This addendum is redistribution of wealth, government picking winners and losers. The idea is that cap and trade creates shared benefits for impacted communities — clearly a socialistic distribution of wealth. Impacted communities is defined as those individuals and communities that have the fewest resources to adapt to climate impacts or adopt new clean economy technologies – that are dictated by government.

Local Control
Provides some relief for rural communities at the expense of losing control.

Free Markets
Designed to keep rural agriculture and logging in business while destroying free markets.


  1. Elliot Kroon Groeneveld says:

    Good grief….just put it all out there and let us vote on the thing in November.

  2. Kenneth Virgin says:

    What’s the timeline? Oh, 2 to 5 years to keep rural Oregon quite while the state institutes an energy tax costing three quarters of a Billion dollars. The poorest half of Oregonians will be crushed and be forced into government servitude ( food stamps, housing support, etc). But Kate will get her control over citizens money. Total tax scam will crush the private sector while “government “ finally funds their retirement program.

  3. Dennis Hebard says:

    They want you to apply for welfare? Beg for some of your hard earned money back? Sign a contract with the state? Submit to an Adit at will.

  4. Buck Norad says:

    All part of the U.S Climate Leaders Declaration that Kate Brown signed. In bed with the communist Chinese

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