SB 211 Change to Election of Precinct Committee Persons

Vote: NO
Died in Committee

This bill makes it harder for write-in PCP's to get elected. Changes the fact that appointed PCP's can vote up to 60 days after election at organizational meeting

Establishes procedures for electing precinct committeepersons.

Requires one committeeperson for every 500 electors, rather than one committeeperson by gender for every 500 electors, who are registered in precinct. Provides that write-in candidate may be eligible for election to precinct committeeperson position if no other candidate for position exists. Requires write-in candidate to signify acceptance of successful write-in candidacy before primary election, rather than after election. Allows person selected to fill vacancy in office of precinct committeeperson to vote on election of county central committee officers on or after 61st day after selection.

Fiscal Responsibility
It will add an extra layer in order to become a write-in PCP there has to be an expense associated with that.

Limited Government
By changing the write-in structure the government is just extending the filing requirements for PCP's and outside of that are imposing themselves into the internal operations of the various central committees.

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