SB 256 Prohibits drilling offshore


Status (overview) of bill:

This bill permanently prohibits drilling for oil, gas, or sulphur in offshore territorial waters of Oregon, regardless of protections afforded.

Fiscal Responsibility
This bill will end any opportunity for bringing financial gain from our offshore natural resources further harming the economy of coastal communities.

Limited Government
It makes permanent the prohibition of off shore drilling removing the sunset. The move is in response to President Trump’s proposal to open up off shore drilling. However, no proposal mentions areas off the coast of Oregon. This will totally block consideration of drilling – Prohibits Department of State Lands from leasing submerged and submersible lands within territorial sea for exploration, development or production of oil, gas or sulfur in territorial sea or for activities in furtherance of exploration, development or production within federal waters adjacent to territorial sea. Submerged Lands Act in 1953 provides that the states had ownership of the 3-mile marginal belt off their coastlines, but implicitly placed a limit on state rights to the 3 miles and made no provision for the extension of state boundaries beyond this point.

Free Markets
Section 4 (4) Nothing is intended to impair or supersede any conflicting federal law applicable within the territorial sea. Doesn’t that provision nullify the prohibition if federal law permits drilling?

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