SB 262 Legislator fines for absences

Died In Committee on 06-26-21
Status (overview) of bill:
Committee assigned to bill:

This bill imposes fine of $500 per day for unexcused absence from the Legislative Assembly for legislators who are absent without excuse. Also prevents them from receiving salary, per diem or expense reimbursement and prohibits political contributions from being used to cover expenses or pay fines, legal fees.

Personal Choice and Responsibility
Prohibits rural areas from supporting their causes by supporting due representation and the only means to be heard in dire situations when livelihood and the economy is at stake. It is violating our freedom of speech.

Limited Government
This is bullying at the political level that they won’t allow in schools. In the past several years the supermajority party in both houses have excluded members of the minority party from committee meetings, meetings with the governor, and even from speaking dissent on the floor of their respective houses. In this extreme situation the only method for elected representatives and senators of the the people to best serve their constituents was to deny the legislative body a quorum. The further punishment of fines, withholding duly earned pay, or disallowing contributions from outside entities is an obvious attempt to demand the minority party to conform to the majority.

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