SB 313 Allows political Party to add voting members

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This bill permits state central committee of political party to include as voting member any additional individuals designated by party.

Personal Choice and Responsibility
This is false representation allowing unofficial officers that aren’t elected as delegates being allowed to be a voting member. It destroys the grass roots effort.

Limited Government
A state central committee may include anyone as voting member in addition to these delegates: the state central committee shall consist of at least two delegates from each county central committee and other delegates from each county equal to the number of party members in the county registered on the date of the primary election divided by 15,000. If the remaining number exceeds 7,500, one additional delegate shall represent the county. The delegates and an equal number of alternate delegates shall be selected by the county central committee. When a delegate of a county central committee is unable to attend a meeting of the state central committee, an alternate delegate of the county central committee may attend the meeting.

Local Control
The delegates to the State Central Committees represent the county. By law, bigger counties get more delegates. When you let others vote (that are not county delegates) it disenfranchises the counties that don’t have the extra votes. It makes the organization top down, if the chairman can appoint his own people to vote the way he wants instead of working with delegates elected by the counties and officers already elected by the state central committee as a grassroots committee.

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