SB 401 Redefines minimum sentencing

Died In Committee on 06-26-21
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This bill guts Measure 11 and goes soft on violent criminals under the guise of “criminal justice reform.” Allows rapists, attempted murders, child pornographers, and kidnappers to get up to 40% off their sentences.

Personal Choice and Responsibility
For victims trying to move on and heal from abuse, letting their abusers off with lesser sentences is unconscionable. Eight of the nine female prosecutors in Oregon issued a letter outlining how dangerous bills, like SB 401, in the legislature would cause more victims to suffer in silence.

Limited Government
SB 401 converts mandatory minimum sentences established by measure 11 to presumptive sentences subject to the sentencing guidelines established by the Oregon Criminal Justice Commission. It is part of a suite of bills intended to gut the spirit of Measure 11 while 78% of Oregon voters oppose repealing Measure 11 (link to survey please?). Measure 11  guaranteed that those who prey on kids and assault our neighbors get time in prison that they deserve. The sentencing guidelines give victims of heinous crimes the certainty they deserve; Repealing them will destroy trust in our criminal justice system.

Soft on violent criminals by reducing sentences
Early release will re-traumatize victims of violent crime


  1. Christina Davis says:

    What about those that are incarcerated and have not committed the crime they are convicted of? Every one assumes that if a female is always telling the truth. I know of many men who are in prison because of a vindictive, lying, jealous, conniving female. There lives are ruined because of measure 11. Not every victim is telling the truth. Start convicting if only there is hardcore proof for charges Sex Abuse First Degree!!!! Not by only testimony!!!!

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