SB 454A Requires sick time for employees

SB 454A
Signed into Law

SB 454B Requires sick time for employees
HB2005 Mandatory paid sick leave  Sister bill here
SB454 Intro Text
SB454 A       Text      

SB 454 B      Text of Bill

SB454A  Requires employers with six or more full-time employees to implement sick time, but small employers can provide leave without pay.

Fiscal Responsiblity

The Legislative Revenue Office’s preliminary estimate is that this bill will impose more than $1.5 billion in new costs to Oregon businesses over the next four years. Increase in state expenses are projected to be $10 million over the same 4 years plus loss of revenue for tax credits.

Limited Government

Amendment reduces maximum earned hours from 56 to 40 per year by accruing one hour for 30 worked and exempts small employers from paying for leave. 

Free Markets

Restricts free market from offering paid sick leave in a benefit package to draw highly qualified employees. All provisions of the bill apply to smaller employers except that sick time need not be paid by the employer. Kurt Schrader, recently noted that “Our state is extremely unfriendly to business, and we’re getting worse.” Mandating paid sick leave in SB 454 would continue this downward spiral. This is a cost that Oregon businesses simply cannot afford.

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