SB 49 Regarding timber & product sales

SB 49 VOTE: YES – Died in Committee

Status (overview) of bill:

This bill exempt from Public Contracting Code contracts for timber sales from lands owned or managed by the Oregon State Parks and Recreation Commission or Department or sale of forest products valued at more than $15,000.

Limited Government
The Public Contracting Code applies to state and local government agencies and public educational institutions when they are procuring goods and services or contracting for construction, engineering, and related services.

Local Control
Currently, if a forest road must be constructed (even temporarily) to access a timber project then the whole project falls under reporting requirements in public contracting statutes. ODF is exempt from this requirement, SB 49 would provide the same exemption to OPRD and help to ensure our forest restoration projects continue.

Free Markets
Logging industry contractors are not set up for public contracting requirements.

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