SB 558 Marketing Health Care for all Children in Oregon

VOTE: NO – Governor Brown Signed
Status (cverview) of bill:

This bill makes taxpayers responsible for covering ALL children so there is no requirement to be a legal citizen. Also declares an emergency where there is clearly not one. If someone is emergent the ER may not refuse service to them. This is also not contingent of approval or waiver from the Federal government so again usurping law.

Personal Choice and Responsibility
It removes language that puts the responsibility of proving the requirements to get benefits and allows the department to find its own resources when available. Then it adds the word "may " require additional information.

Fiscal Responsibility
Estimated at another 8 million dollars to an already bloated out of control budget. OHA already has a budget of well over 1.7 billion dollars not including this bill. This amounts to asking for a blank check from the General Fund. Also removes 200% of poverty as a a requirement for qualifying to replace with 300% above poverty adding more people..

Limited Government
This is far overstepping providing for Oregonian children. This reaches beyond that and seeks to remove the wording "IS LAWFULLY PRESENT" to accept illegal persons.

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