SB 571/HB 2366 Voting rights for prisoners

Died In Committee on 06/26/21
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This bill allows persons convicted of felony to register to vote, update voter registration and vote in elections while incarcerated.

Personal Choice and Responsibility
States with experience have noted that very few inmates exercise their right to vote, and inmates say it can be dangerous to discuss politics. Distrust of politicians and no interest are the reasons reported by volunteers.

Fiscal Responsibility
Putting money into a program when the general fund is $1.1billion short that hasn’t been successful in any state is questionable.

Limited Government
“The county clerk or county official in charge of elections in any county may cancel the registration of any person serving a term of imprisonment for an offense committed outside Oregon in any federal correctional institution in this state.” Since crime committed outside Oregon and serving a term of imprisonment in any federal correctional institution in this state is deprived of the right to vote, this provision is non-sensical. Allow inmate to use a prior address even though they have no connection to that address – family or friends.

(Similar to HB 2366)


  1. David Klaus says:

    If an individual has committed a crime or crimes serious enough to land them in prison, then they should have to forfeit the right to participate in the electoral process until they’ve paid their debt to society. In addition to the former, they could be given an opportunity to vote on judicial legislation which presents a clear conflict of interest.

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