SB 582 Recycling System, adds more red tape to recycling & recyclers.

Signed into Law by Gov Brown on 08/06/2021
Status (overview) of bill:

This bill requires a study of current Oregon recycling system. Proposed amendment bypasses study to implement a producer responsibility organization program controlling sellers of products, packaging, manufacturing, importers, shippers, and persons distributing printed material.

Personal Choice and Responsibility
The amendment includes an equity study. The availability of opportunities in the recycling system for women and minority individuals and the barriers to company ownership in the recycling industry for women and minority individuals, and study challenges facing residents of multifamily housing.

Fiscal Responsibility
There are of course fees for everything including certification and permits, and it allows for legislative appropriations to two funds: Producer Responsibility Fund and Waste Prevention and Reuse Fund

Limited Government
Government forcing its way into every aspect of our life. Producer or co-producer must register with and be a member of a producer responsibility organization that administers a producer responsibility program and provide record of tracking. Producers includes sellers of products, packaging, manufacturing, importers, shippers, and persons distributing printed material, which may require membership in several organizations. If a Producer is in violation of labeling a recycling symbol, they cannot register with a Producer Responsibility Organization and therefore cannot do business in Oregon. The Producer responsibility program plan is to use objective and measurable criteria that supports the collection and recycling of covered products for a fee. The Department of Environmental Quality approves or may revise the plan, which is approved for 5-years. The program reimburses expenses of local government service providers for eligible costs for transporting recycling. If no recycling transportation available, they must establish a recycling events or drop centers.

Local Control
Buried in local government responsibilities is state controls by requiring that when providing a recycle program it must include all materials on the statewide collection list along with requirements for collection space and service standards. It also requirements that a service processor ensures the health, safety and wellness of workers at the facility regardless of whether the workers are employees, independent contractors or employees of another business, and workers at the facility make a living wage with supportive benefits. SB 582 -1 amendment also creates for litter and marine debris cleanup and prevention program as grants by a producer responsibility organization to the tone of $10 million per year.

Free Markets
This bill contains considerably more than upgrading recycling in Oregon. It will directly impact free markets as producers are forced to comply with arbitrary guidelines and scrutiny of unelected officials in the Department of Environmental Quality. Ultimately, it may limit the products available to consumers in Oregon.

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