SB 627 Transfers watershed area from local control

SB 627 VOTE: NO – Died In Committee

Status (overview) of bill:

This bill transfers from State Department of Fish and Wildlife assessment on river banks, wildlife habitat, endangered species, and exception of non-game wildlife and forest health policies to Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board; and transfers duties determining wolf depredation on livestock to State Department of Agriculture.

Personal Choice and Responsibility
This transfer is a move to withdraw access to lands for recreational use.

Limited Government
Causes a small Watershed Enhancement Board to have more control without reliable checks and balances without good reason for control over endangered species. Fish & Wildlife Commission still issues permits for incidental taking of species. Transferring to the Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board the functions relating to tax exemption for riparian land, special assessment for qualified wildlife habitat, identification or designation of threatened or endangered species, exception of non-game wildlife and forest health policies – building the Watershed as a protective agency over watershed areas to restrict use of the land under Agenda 21.

Local Control
Less local control with economical impact as Watershed restrictions are developed in rules.

Free Markets
Aimed at restricting logging and biomass industries from watershed areas.

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