SB 631 Health Care for All

Died in Committee

SB 631 Health Care for All 

SB 631 Bill Text      TTV Bill as introduced

SB6 31 replaces the Oregon Health Insurance Exchange and creates a new administration called the Oregon Health Care for All Oregon Board.

Personal Choice
This bill totally eliminated personal choice regarding all forms and facets of health care in Oregon. The Oregon Health Care for All Oregon Board, comprised totally of governor-appointed members, is given total control over all primary and specialty medical care, over all healthcare providers and facilities, over all private health insurance providers, control over medical equipment upgrades over interrelations between and among health care providers and facilities and over all healthcare recipient throughout the state, with legislative permission to “enforce obedience ” using civil action in circuit court.
Fiscal Responsibility
In lieu of cost-sharing through premiums, copayments and deductibles, this healthcare plan is mandated to be based upon a system of dedicated progressive taxes dependent upon the payers ability to pay. Initially there is expected to be seed money coming from the General Fund to state this Plan, Unfortunately, the bill does not identify what that amount is expected to be.
Limited Government
This bill increases the number of individuals who will be put into the Oregon Health Care for All Oregon Plan by adding all state, county, city and school district employees and retirees. Additionally, this bill dramatically increases the size of government to accommodate the Oregon Health Care for All Oregon Board, the Regional Planning Boards and the Transition Commission, each with a Director and staff, all of which are full-time government employees.
Local Control
The Oregon Health Care for All Oregon Board will appoint Regional Planning Commissions to oversee the plan within each of Oregon’s 5 Congressional Districts. Members of these Regional Planning Commissions will also be appointed by the “Board”.
Free Markets
There is total and complete state control all over aspects of health care: policies, rules, budgetary constraints, especially on Healthcare providers and facilities exceeding an as yet to be determined gross revenue exceeds a certain amount.

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