SB 691 Gives Secretary of State authority over recounts

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This bill requires Secretary of State to ensure that county election officials conduct election recounts for federal offices, statewide offices, and statewide measures in manner that is consistent, transparent, accurate, and pursuant to all applicable laws.

Fiscal Responsibility
This may require the local office to have to rent space and move materials to comply.

Limited Government
Give election administrative authority to SOS. Removes the authority of the local election clerk to do recount in response to their local constituents. Current law requires the Secretary of State (SOS) to be responsible for ensuring that the procedures used for conducting election recounts assure an accurate recount in the shortest time at the least expense, and that the SOS may determine the most appropriate procedures for multiple simultaneous recounts. Senate Bill 691 requires the SOS to ensure that county elections officials conduct multi-county recounts or those involving nomination or election of a state Senator or state Representative in a manner that is consistent, transparent, accurate, and in accordance with all applicable laws. -1 Requires the county clerk(s) to notify the SOS about the date, time, and location of the recount and information about all aspects of the process. Clarifies certain aspects of the recount process.

Local Control
Without -1, it removes the authority of the local election clerk to administer the election.

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