SB 723B Prohibits coyote hunting contests

VOTE: NO – Died In Committee

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This bill prohibits coyote hunting contests, competitions, tournaments, or derbies for prizes or other inducement, protecting a predator that is over-populated.

Personal Choice and Responsibility
This will prohibit youth hunting camps or other such rifle or bow training camps. It will prohibit contests, even if event is held on private property. Contests are revenue generating festivals. Coyote are very destructive animals that can only be properly controlled with these types of hunts that includes prizes or payoff, because the animal itself isn’t worth much to a hunter.

Limited Government
An overreach of government as a step towards controlling the use of firearms and property. Requires transportation of injured wildlife to licensed wildlife rehabilitation facility or veterinarian. Provides that person that injures or kills wildlife in violation of Act forfeits remains of wildlife to State Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Local Control
Coyotes are defined as predatory animals. ORS 610.002. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) estimates that there are 300,000 coyotes in Oregon. Coyotes are not a protected species and the hunting of coyotes is not regulated by ODFW. Coyotes can be killed on an owner’s land without a hunting permit and on public land with a permit. There is currently no limit on the number of coyotes that can be killed by a single individual or during a single hunting contest or event. SB 723A prohibits individuals or groups from conducting or participating in coyote hunting contests or events for prizes or other inducement. It makes this violation of the prohibition a Class A violation and requires that the remains of coyotes killed during such contests be turned over to ODFW.


  1. A. J. Oden says:

    This goes right along with tearing trophy’s down that have to do with our history… Plain ridiculous! We need to keep teaching our children how to hunt and fish so they don’t shoot up schools like these kids playing video games for a living do

  2. David T Eckhardt says:

    It’s hard to figure where these people live. What planet is it where people don’t hunt and fish to sustain themselves? Hunting, fishing has been around since the caveman days. Having a contest for either of these sports is not harmful to anyone and teaches good practices for success. The only reason for a bill like this is pandering to the misguided animal rights people.

  3. June says:

    Who the hell wants to stop hunting and fishing competition?
    That is one of the dumbest ideas I have heard the Oregon government to rule on.
    In our little community of Lakeside, the bass tourneys bring in A LOT of revenue…..
    This stupid measure is just assenine!
    Someone needs to step back and look at the repercussions of this measure, not only cutting into revenue, but a lot of good sporting fun who participate.

  4. Virginia Ball says:

    Our city state and federal goverment are making so many laws on so many different issues and have been for way to long. We are no longer free nation they do what they want one way or another they dictate how we live what we do ect.

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