SB 770A Single-payer universal healthcare

VOTE: NO – Gov Brown Signed into Law

Status (overview) of bill:
This bill establishes the Universal Health Care Commission to recommend the design of the Health Care for All Oregon Plan to be administered by Oregon Health Authority, a universal health care system that is equitable, affordable, comprehensive, provides high quality health care, and is publicly funded and available to every individual residing in Oregon.

Personal Choice and Responsibility
Socialized healthcare has never produced better care, and is limited to government’s ability of funding services needed. This has always led to prioritizing and healthcare panels that determines death sentences. Belgium encourages euthanasia for mentally ill and depressed patients to cut healthcare costs. It’s a step toward government parenting – removing children from the home if not treated the way government mandates. Government was never intended to intrude into our personal lives where we depend on government for our life.

Fiscal Responsibility
The measure authorizes the commission to apply for public and private grants for the costs of research. This is all for 6.2% that do not have health insurance according to a 2017 Oregon Health Insurance Survey. Members of the commission are entitled to compensation and expenses estimated at $67,500 General Fund for the 2019-21 biennium. OHA reflects $200,000 in consulting fees for subject matter experts and the staffing cost of three limited duration positions. Members of the advisory or technical committees are not entitled to compensation but are entitled to reimbursement of expenses. However, four members of the commission will be legislative members who are entitled to per diem and travel reimbursement. The estimated per diem and travel reimbursement cost for the four legislative members is $841 per day plus mileage.

Limited Government
Health insurance coverage currently represents a mix of public programs (Medicare, Medicaid, TRICARE), employer-sponsored, and individual insurance options. According to the 2017 Oregon Health Insurance Survey, 93.8% of Oregonians had health insurance coverage; 47.5% were covered through private group health insurance, 26% were covered through Medicaid, 15.1% were covered through Medicare, and 5.2% were covered through private individual insurance. The measure stipulates that the Health Care for All Oregon Plan is to be administered by the Health Care for All Oregon Board. The measure specifies commission membership, outlines the requirements of findings and recommendations to be made by the commission, and details the requirements for the Health Care for All Oregon Plan and the Health Care for All Oregon Board. The Universal Health Care Commission shall produce findings and recommendations to the Legislature for a well-functioning universal health care system that is responsive to the needs and expectations of the residents. Section 5 sets out the scope that appears to allow for individuals to retain other coverage, but not an opt-out option.

Free Markets
Removes free marketplace, competitive pricing and personal choice. This bill will cause private health providers to close their businesses and leave Oregon, it will result in families leaving so they have the option of choosing their own healthcare provider and it will cost Oregon revenue. This doesn’t create hospital and pharmaceutical cost transparency and won’t help to lower costs. This bill will create high deductibles, high copays, and financial penalties for it to be operative. Not buying in is not a choice.


  1. Judy A. Fralia-Mantello says:



  2. arden ray says:

    I’m sure that our lawmakers will continue to enjoy their Cadillac plans while the plans of all other Oregonians will be scrapped. We are very poorly served by these people.

  3. Judy A. Fralia-Mantello says:

    IT IS A BIG ‘NO” FOR UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE! I was a Democrat for over 45 years and a native Oregonian. The stupidity of the Democrat Party is beyond words!

    Oregon voters need to clean house and stop voting for the same people over and over again. I wish we had Term Limits. Oregon is at the point of ‘no return’ if we don’t get rid of Liberals running this state! Kate has complete control over the lawmakers this session, it is obvious.

    Leave our healthcare alone! We do not want the government running our healthcare! All you have to do is look at other countries that have ‘universal healthcare!’ I have family in Italy and they go to other counties for surgeries, etc. because of the healthcare for all is very poor. HEALTHCARE FOR ALL DOES NOT WORK.

  4. Susan Dusseault says:

    What do you call someone who sees the same system failing miserably in other countries but still thinks it’s a good idea to implement in America? An idiot. Oregon is run by greedy unintelligent people. I’m so glad we moved from this ruined state.

  5. David T Eckhardt says:

    This is what Obama care was all about. They really wanted single payer as some eluded to. So Obama care was crafted in such a way as to fail and make single payer more attractive. Sorry guys not buying that horse. I say NO NO NO, we don’t want it. If you want it, go where it is and enjoy yourselves. We in the good old USA will go our own way as always and will still be the best.

  6. Judith Chinn says:

    When I realized the OHA is taking so much influence from PhRMA as to push for MANDATED MEDICATIONS during a time when so many are proven only by death, injury and addictions,to cause so much more harm than good and while test methodology has been bastardized; I realized Healthcare For All cannot be our only choice. I believe Lipitor gave me NAFLD, Adderal gave me a dozen roids. UofO said my Pertussis was Lung Cancer likely because they were already in PR trouble for Menningitis. WE WONT SURVIVE MANDATED MEDICATIONS.

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