SB 784 Requires In, & Out-of-Network Providers be Paid the Same for Womens Health

VOTE: NO – Died in Committee
Status (cverview) of bill:

This bill requires insurer to reimburse out-of-network women's health care provider at same rate as in-network women's health care provider

Personal Choice and Responsibility
This action removes the personal choice of the insurance companies as to the rights of negotiating contracts with providers and dictates the operations of those insurance companies.

Fiscal Responsibility
By dictating the terms and operations of any business for the benefit of one class of citizen interferes with the fiscal responsibility in the operation of private business.

Limited Government
The government is overstepping its authority by expanding its control into the operation of private business and the general principle in the insurance of networking with providers. This is another bite of the pie moving to socialized medicine.

Local Control
The government is assuming the local control of our lives and businesses by allowing these actions.

Free Markets
The bill is a step to eliminate the free market concept by stepping out of controlling the health care it pays for and into the private sector demanding what a business must pay for. This is no more than an unmask step to wards socialism in healthcare.

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