SB 793 Relating to the Price of Prescription Drugs

VOTE: NO – Died In Committee
Status (cverview) of bill:

This bill places price a drug manufacturer may charge under the control of the Department of Consumer and Business Services if increases are over 3.4% requires manufacturer to refund excessive price increases to purchaser

Personal Choice and Responsibility
The bill imposes the on the manufacturers personal choice and responsibility to operate its own business and moves it to a state department.

Fiscal Responsibility
The state is assuming the fiscal responsibility of the operation of the drug manufacturer.

Limited Government
The state is exceeding its area of authority by controlling financial matters beyond those that they are paying for.

Local Control
The control is being removed from the individual local manufacturer and being assumed by the state.

Free Markets
The legislature in eliminating the free market by assuming control of the sale of products beyond that of which they pay for.This bill would impose unrealistic controls and requirements on the free market eliminating the practice of free enterprise and handicapping drug research.

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