SB 870 National Popular Vote Compact

VOTE:NO – Signed into Law by Gov Brown

Status (overview) of bill:

This bill enacts Interstate Compact for Agreement Among the States to Elect the President by National Popular Vote doing an end-run around the Constitution.

Personal Choice and Responsibility
When Oregon is lumped into a Compact with California or any state with more electoral college voting power, Oregon votes will never count because larger states will dominate the vote – if Oregon’s popular vote is for X and California votes Z, Oregon will be forced to vote for Z at the Electoral College. The Electoral College weighs every vote so smaller states are weighted more than more populated states giving Oregonians about a 1.3 vote value compared to New York’s 1.0 vote value, and Oregon has the same advantage over other states with more voters. This bill will eliminate that advantage plus reduce our voting presence since with Oregon’s current voting percentage, only 3% of Californian voters would need to vote contrary to Oregon before Oregon voters would have no say in how our Electoral votes are cast. It totally eliminates our voter sovereignty.

Limited Government
The large populous states that would dominate the vote, are also the states that vote for unlimited government and are the most expensive places to live. It will make this nation a pure democracy, which is directly opposite of our constitutional construction. Three or four populous states would be sufficient to elect a president, which would make voting in small or less populated states like Oregon irrelevant.


  1. Alex Paul says:

    This has already passed in Colorado. My hope is that somehow Trump can write an executive order mandating that all states verify citizenship of each voter through the use of the Real ID act which goes into effect just before the election in 2020. If the state cannot show proof that it demanded real ID proof of citizenship of each voter, then none of their votes will count. Given the fact that California is saying Trump can’t be on their ballot unless he provides his tax returns, I feel turnabout is fair play.

    I’m sure this would be challenged in court but if Trump does this soon it could make its way through the supreme court before the election. I have a bad feeling that Trump will actually win the vote and would have won the electoral college, but with this compact, the Democrats will win the presidency no matter who they select as a candidate.

    A bookie in Nevada predicted in 2016 that Hillary would cheat by 8 but Trump would win by 10 so he’d win on paper by 2. That was the last election, with this compact eliminating the electoral college, we will never see a Republican President elected again.

    I think it is very dangerous to disenfranchise huge swaths of American citizens, Lord knows the outcome if people feel the elections were totally rigged by California, New York and Illinois.

  2. Thomas Wilkes says:

    Look, we all know exactly what this is!!!! The Electoral College has been fine for the entire history of this country- until precious Hillary lost! The intent is to make sure that the Democrat Party never looses another election, plain and simple!

    This system ensures that the entire country gets represented in the national election. Without it basically three states will decide every presidential election. More than that, the land area that will decide is an even tinnier fraction of the whole country.

    The Electoral College is part of the Constitution and this is bound to be a decided by the Supreme Court and I’m sure it will fail. It’s my opinion that the states who have already done this, and done so against the will of the people, should be excluded from the presidential election results!!!

  3. b anderson says:

    Proof of US citizenship should be required to register to vote. When did we stop requiring


    Support the US Constitution and the Elec College…..we do not want NY and CA picking

    our leaders.

  4. Ron Bell says:

    NO on SB870. It is not Constitutional. My vote should be counted. Only documented U.S. Citizens (born or naturalized) should be allowed to vote.

    • Donald Reynolds says:

      Didn’t we vote this down once ? The “Imperial Governorship” needs to go, This like the cap and trade will enormously effect rural Oregonians as illegals will be allowed to vote, negating the votes of citizens. If Brown is trying to foment armed insurrection, this current course is surely the way to get it. No wonder she has financed more OSP’s and is on the track to confiscate our guns in order to accomplish her ILLEGAL socialist agenda. George Soros, who heads the ‘ National Popular Vote Inc, gave her $25,000 in finance funds. That this bill came up as ” quid pro quo ” in response to that contribution leads me to believe it was a situation of cause and effect as I do not believe this was a coincidence, Keep Oregon Free !

  5. Marilyn McAllister says:

    I do not want the popular vote! I support the US Constitution and the Electoral College voting system. NO ON THE POPULAR VOTE. All Americans deserve that privilege and freedom.

  6. Michelle Cook says:

    I DO NOT want the popular vote. The US Constitution and Electoral College voting system work exactly as they were intended to. NO on the popular vote!!!

  7. Jeanne Capps says:

    I think Oregon needs ti stay with Electrol College, we dont need L A telling us what to do and who we need to vote for. I am completely against Popular vote. It is destroying Rural Oregon.

  8. David T Eckhardt says:

    This is clearly an attempt on the part of the Democratic party to skewer the voting process to their favor. This is clearly dishonest. No one should be surprised by such an unamerican deceitful action from these people. They are not just wrong but treasonously so.

  9. Donald Reynolds says:

    This is an attempt to make the “skewed” Oregon political scene, dominated by Portland, to make the rest of the state’s voters ENTIRELY irrelevant. We are a “constitutional republic” not a democracy. I guess, when you lose an election, you just change the rules.

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