SB 928 Establishes Oregon Climate Authority

VOTE: NO – Died In Committee
Status (overview) of bill:

This bill establishes Oregon Climate Authority and Board to take over the greenhouse gas reporting program. Abolishes State Department of Energy and transfers duties to Authority except for loans for small scale local energy projects.

Limited Government
The whole reason for this bill is stated in Section 2(4) “The need exists for comprehensive state leadership on climate change, greenhouse gas mitigation and the transition to low-carbon, clean energy resources.” This faulty assumption blocks an open mind towards current science research that demands a balance. Leadership is needed for honest research for the truth on energy. The new department name and (4)(h) exemplifies this one sided bias, “The state’s climate change policies, goals and strategies will be informed by the best available science and economics.” The restructuring sets the stage for cap-and-invest and the massive overreach.

Free Markets
What is the oversight for safe and affordable energy takes a turn in this bill towards focus on greenhouse gas emissions with total disregard for safe affordable energy. Consequently, free markets required to register and report to the Oregon Climate Authority are being interfered with from operating as free markets should.


  1. BJ says:

    We don’t need another governmental board, and we already have a climate authority: God Almighty.

  2. Richard Allen Strawn says:

    Skip-scanning the 186 page bill; it is most interesting that I singled out the sentence;

    “The state’s climate change policies, goals and strategies will be informed by the best available science and economics.”

    … precisely as you have!

    This act actually gives say and influence over: all energy & its use
    ( by-products & taxation ), economic & business development (or it’s prohibition), mandates universal school energy rehabilitation of buildings, and anything else deemed necessary by a new mega agency staff implementing open-ended measures, fulfilling a contrived mandate… by an appointed board, with only circular accountability to the establishing act.

    clicking a little deeper on OR Legislature site:

    under: Analysis then Meetings Materials/ Exhibits headings find that NO analysis is claimed or listed; yet “anonymous” speakers & testimony is already logged for a meeting in the future!? ( A prophetic harbinger of transparency to be SURE! ) thank, rick s.

  3. Ginny Paseman says:

    I agree with the answer above. God’s done a good job so far. If we’re doing something wrong, he will let us know. Our climate has been ‘changing’ from the beginning of time. What killed the dinosaurs? There was no coal burning at that time.

  4. Donald Reynolds says:

    Seems as if this is a solution looking for a problem. The current administration is too quick to expand government agencies which might seem OK now that the economy is doing well, but where will the tax dollars come from to support these expanded “services” when the economy shifts, as we know it will. Hills and valleys folks… Looks more like an expansion of the ” nanny state.”

    • BJ says:

      We don’t need or want to expand government agencies, especially when there’s already one doing the job. Just say no.

  5. David T Eckhardt says:

    Yes sir we really need another chicken little the sky is falling and we’re all going to die, AGENCY ——- NOT. The fact that logic and common sense has been replaced with computer modeling is beyond the pale. As they say garbage in garbage out!!

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