SB 945 Criminalizes endangering a minor by access to a firearm

Died in committee

SB 945  Text of Bill

This bill creates crime of endangering a minor by allowing access to a firearm.

Personal Choice
Parents and guardians of children have a responsibility to teach their children about the dangers they may encounter, be it firearms, matches, swimming pools or drugs. They should also teach respect for other people’s property, and to keep hands off of what does not belong to them. Gun owners have a right to keep a loaded gun at hand, or in an accessible place, for the purpose of self-defense. An unloaded gun in a locked safe isn’t of much use in a home invasion.
Fiscal Responsiblity
This creates a new crime that our sheriffs or police departments will have to enforce, using up their time (and funding) as well as that of the courts. There are many programs for teaching gun safety (i.e. Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program). Money would be better spent adding these to our school curriculums. This state has many citizens who are certified in gun safety and the majority would be willing to provide such safety training for free to our schools.
Limited Government
This bill makes criminals out of those who have no intention of doing harm. It does not guarantee any reduction of violent gun-related crimes, nor does it guarantee any reduction of gun-related accidents. It IS a direct infringement on our Federal 2nd Amendment Rights and violates Oregon’s constitution as well.
Free Markets
This bill requires gun dealers to prominently display a sign stating: “The owner of a firearm has an obligation to prevent minors from accessing firearms without the consent of the owner or the minor’s parent or legal guardian. If a minor obtains access to a firearm without the consent of the owner or the minor’s parent or legal guardian, the owner may be guilty of a crime.” Gun dealers should not be responsible for informing anyone of any law. If legislators want everyone to know about a new crime they’ve created, they should have to send a letter to every household in the state.

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