SJR 15 Emergency clause to require 2/3 of each House

Died In Committee on 06-26-21
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This bill requires that 2/3rds of the members of each house to vote yes in order to pass a bill that declares an emergency. This resolution will be on the ballot during the next regular statewide election.

Personal Choice and Responsibility
This bill gives the People the power to vote for or against this resolution during the next election. By doing so we the People have the ability to decide for ourselves how much power we will give to the Legislative branch.

Limited Government
Bills that declare an emergency are put in effect once it is passed and abolishes the citizens’ ability to file a petition to the Elections Division to have the measure placed on the ballot for the next upcoming election. The emergency clause, when abused by a governing body, limits the citizen’s ability to be involved in the legislative process. SJR15, if passed, would require that bills that declare an emergency receive a vote of 2/3rds or 66.6% of the 60 House members in order to be passed. With a house made up of 37 Democrat Representatives and 23 Republican Representatives, this bill would require 40 Representatives to vote to pass a bill that declares an emergency. That would mean that a bill would need bipartisan support instead of just support from the Majority party, limiting the power of that Majority party. This bill also states that a bill declaring an emergency would need approval from 2/3rds of the members of the house that were elected by the people to their position. This would mean that the vote of those legislatures that were nominated to fill a vacant seat but have not yet been elected by the people, would not be counted towards the passing of a bill that declares an emergency. In conclusion, SJR15 allows for more citizen involvement in the legislative process, gives balance to the house when there is one Majority party, and allows for more input from those elected by the people. However, this bill only proposes to affect the number of votes required for a bill that declares an emergency to pass in the House but does not affect the number of votes necessary for it to pass in the Senate.


  1. Lynn Bryant DeSpain says:

    Excellent proposal. Limits abuse of “Emergency Clause.”

  2. Paul Thutt says:

    In addition to the 2/3 majority required, please consider amendments :
    1. Emergency declaration from governor to indicate it is an emergency
    2. If passed, bill should expire at end of current legislative session if non emergency measure not passed to make it a normal law that can be repealed by citizen vote.

    Without these, an emergency clause is just a workaround to reduce liberty and weaken citizen response to authoritarian government


  3. Michaela Hammerson says:

    Yes! We need the emergency clause abuse to stop! The people lose their voice when an emergency clause is added to a bill.

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