SJR 2 Register to vote the day before the election.

VOTE:NO – Died in Committee

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This bill SJR 2 proposes an amendment to Article II of the Oregon Constitution that would change the voter registration deadline to the day before an election. If passed, this proposed amendment would be voted on by the people at the next regular general election. Currently, the voter registration deadline is 21 days before the election. It is on the Senate Rules Schedule for March 1st, 2017 see schedule here:

  • Increases pressure on county officials to process last minute registrations while conducting an election.
  • Increases provisional ballots making processing election counts more difficult and may result in some ballots not being counted.
  • Increases need and cost for staffing, in some of our office's space is a premium, which complicates the staffing needs.
  • When a person registers through DMV, their identity and address is established with documentation and is verified easily. If the voter is Non-HAVA compliant because they have not provided ID, and only attested to the fact that they are a citizen, and they have to come into the office for their ballot, their address is not even verified for a mail-in ballot before they vote. This increases opportunity for fraud.
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