SJR 202 Eliminate the Short Session


SJR 202 VOTE: YES – Died In Committee 
Status (overview) of bill:
Committee assigned to bill:

This bill will eliminate the even-numbered year, short 35 day legislative session by the will of the people to amend the Oregon Constitution.

Personal Choice and Responsibility
Oregonians were duped when the short session was proposed for minor budgetary and spending modifications. The short time frame does not allow for bills to be properly vetted or time for Oregonians to voice an opinion.

Fiscal Responsibility
Going to biennial regular sessions will have cost savings.

Limited Government
The short session was intended (and when proposed to voters) as being for minor budgetary and spending modifications. As demonstrated with the 2020 short session, very complected and impact bills are being submitted


  1. BJ says:

    Oh praise the Lord and thank Senator Thatcher for introducing this – she even has bipartisan support! Please bring sanity back to Oregon, support this bill!

  2. Becky Lemler says:

    Please send in letters of support to eliminate the short session. The committee looking at this bill is the Senate Rules Committee and most of them are dems. LOTS of letters needed! Use this email address:

  3. BJ says:

    Ok, what’s the deal? Because this bill has not been given a hearing date, they wont accept letters to the Rules Committee about it. They just gag the constituents so they don’t have to hear what we have to say. Real democracy at it’s finest.

    • Comm says:

      Since SJR 202 is not scheduled, you will have to contact as noted, your legislators, and since the committee will not except the committee itself.
      Chair Senate Majority Leader Ginny Burdick
      Vice-Chair Senate Minority Leader Herman Baertschiger Jr.
      Member Senator Brian Boquist
      Member Senator Michael Dembrow
      Member Senator Arnie Roblan

      Thank you, I’ll update the post to reflect your comment.

      EDLU Team Leade

  4. Sue Biasi Kershaw says:

    Done! To each of them

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