SJR 23 Uses kicker to fund schools

VOTE:NO  – Died In Committee
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This bill amends Oregon Constitution to establishes Personal Investment in Education Fund appropriated by “kicker” revenue deposited in the fund rather than refunded to personal income taxpayers. Goes to voters for confirmation.

Personal Choice and Responsibility
The average Oregon Kicker Tax Refund in 2020 will be $336. Some taxpayers have overpaid as much as $3,000. SJR 23 will eliminate the “kicker” tax refunds forever. The kicker is the only check the taxpayers have to keep legislators accountable.

Fiscal Responsibility
Establishes the Personal Investment in Education Fund (PIE) dedicated to and may be used only to support education in kindergarten through grade 12 in this state. Priority shall be given in the expenditure of PIE Fund revenues to a seismic rehabilitation grant program and student behavioral health counseling. This isn’t about funding education, it’s about removing the “watchdog” kicker from legislature accountability so they can manipulate budgets.

Limited Government
Allows the government to keep any excess state taxes it collected. The “kicker” tax refund was approved by Oregon voters decades ago and requires lawmakers to return over-collected tax revenue to those who paid it.

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