SJR 25 Allows 16-year-olds to vote

Died In Committee on 06/26/21
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This bill allows 16-year-old children the right to vote. They are a protected class of citizen and cannot have their signature or birthdate verified.

Personal Choice and Responsibility
High school sophomores don’t have adult brain development to make good judgment no matter how smart they are.

The reason why 16 and 17 year old should not vote is that they are a protected class of citizens and must have their voter information hidden from the public inclinding election observers. They cannot be verified, including their signatures or birthdate. If they can not meet this requirement by law, then they should not be allowed to vote. The law itself declares them too young to be responsible to vote.

Limited Government
Good judgment isn’t something teens can excel in. The rational part of a teen’s brain isn’t developed until early 20’s and isn’t completely developed until age 25 or so. In fact, recent research has found that adult and teen brains work differently. Adults think with the prefrontal cortex, the brain’s rational part. This is the part of the brain that responds to situations with good judgment and an awareness of long-term consequences. Teens process information with the amygdala. This is the emotional part.


  1. Andrea smith says:

    SJR25 should be a big No! Voting age is 18 for a reason, it should be pushed till 25 when people understand how life works. No on this bill!

  2. C. Dillard says:

    16 year olds don’t have the smarts to decide about alcohol or tobacco YET you are going to give the the right to vote. Need to quit following party line.

  3. Michael Sears says:

    SJR 25 – NEA


    As a veteran of a foreign that has seen the maturity levels of those 18 year old’s, I strongly oppose allowing them to vote in any election based upon their lack of maturity. When they was a draft in the country and young men were trained for war, I supported allowing 18 year old men vote because they could be risking their lives to defend this country, but not a 16 year sophomore is high school.


    Mike Sears

  4. Nan Isaacson says:

    VOTE NO on all the Bills on the List on the Right. NO NO NO NO

  5. Donna says:

    VOTE NO! This is yet another attempt to steal votes in this state which we all believe is already corrupt with the ridiculous motor voter law that needs to go. 16 year olds are not considered adults for a reason, lack of maturity. The same reason you cannot sell alcohol or tobacco to anyone under 18 and 21 in some states. If anything, voting age needs increased. Our educational system isn’t teaching them life skills even. Who will be using those ballots in those households, most 16 year olds could care less about voting.

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