SJR 38 Two-thirds Vote Required to Add Emergency Clause

Died in Committee
Status (overview) of bill:

This bill will require bills to receive 2/3 majority vote in both Houses to have the Emergency Clause added to them. 

Personal Choice and Responsibility
Far too long bills that are not an emergency have been submitted for political reasons to thwart a citizen effort to make a referendum to bring those bills to the vote of the people.

Limited Government
Hold our legislators accountable to the people!


  1. Janice Williamson says:

    And if you are using Common Core math you will never get the submit comment right!

  2. Janice Williamson says:

    To the Senate Committee on Rules,

    From what I have seen on a number of bills that I have read, there is no real reason for calling it an "emergency", except that of Political.  They are designed to prevent 'we the people' from being able to stop bad legislation with our referendum process.  No one wants to stop an emergency bill if there is real need, but it certainly is not the majority of the bills submitted.    I think this is a dirty underhanded way of getting around the public to force laws down our throats.   I would vote yes, to SJR38 and I hope you do as well.


    Jan Williamson



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