SB 704 Universal Health Plan

RESCHEDULED – CONTACT COMMITTEE MEMBERS DIRECTLY This bill establishes the Universal Health Plan Governance Board and directs it to design an administrative structure for the Universal Health Plan, to assess the readiness of institutions and infrastructure to carry out the plan, and to report to the Legislative Assembly by September 15, 2025, a comprehensive plan for implementation of the Universal…

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Oregon to tackle universal healthcare

The chair of a legislative task force presented a plan to a panel of Oregon lawmakers Thursday (12/8/22) at the state Capitol that would fundamentally change health care insurance in Oregon and create a public system that would provide coverage for every person in the state. Dr. Bruce Goldberg told the members of the Senate Interim Committee on Health Care…

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HB 4034 Expands health care centers to 10 school districts

Signed into law by Gov Brown
Declared an Emergency

HB 4126 Unionizes behavioral healthcare

Died in Committee