HB 3501 Privileges for Homeless

This bill creates a “right to rest” and would expand the rights of homeless trespassing. The Bill states that is should be a “public policy of Oregon to guarantee persons experiencing homelessness participation in the social and economic life of this state, remunerative employment, use of and free movement within public spaces, participation in and receipt of the benefits of the…

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HB 2001 Affordable Housing, Homelessness Response Package

PASSED This bill is amended to establish a $200 million Affordable Housing and Emergency Homelessness Response Package (HB 2001 and HB 5019). The proposed package includes: Fully funds the Governor’s Homelessness State of Emergency ($130 million); Provides $27 million in additional funding to address homelessness in other 25 rural counties; Provides Rental Assistance and other services to help stay in…

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HB 4051 Extends task force on homeless and racial disparities

Signed into law by Gov Brown

HB 4079 Sales tax to fund debit card for low-income

Died in Committee

Oregon sales tax to pay for $750 monthly checks to poor

The bills to be debated during the 35-day Oregon Special Session have been introduced this week. House Bill 4079, sponsored by State Representative Brad Witt would create a sales tax in order to give debit cards to lower income people loaded with $750 monthly payments. The sales tax would hit electronic goods, computers, cell-phones, certain vehicles and certain clothing of…

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2022 brings changes to Oregon law approved in 2021 session

SALEM, Ore. — 2022 brings a fresh start for us all, and it also means a lot of bills passed in Oregon during the 2021 session go into effect. On police reform, Senate Bill 621 gives Portland the go-ahead to create its new citizen-led police oversight board. Previously, state labor law was unclear on if the city and police union…

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Bad reputation has large conventions skipping Portland, tourism report says

PORTLAND, Ore. — Portland’s reputation has taken a bit of a beating recently, and as a result organizations and companies that thought about holding big conventions here, bringing tourists and money with them, are now looking elsewhere. That’s according to a recent tourism report by Travel Portland. The agency presented its finding to Portland city commissioners earlier this week. “Here’s…

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Photo: Law Enforcement, Military, & Firearms equipment

HB 3115 Homeless camping

Signed into Law by Gov Brown

Sen. Boquist: Vaccine data, crime excuses, campaign finance, more

Highlights, excerpts from Sen. Boquist newsletter  The establishment legislature is racing to pass higher budgets along with end run bills against citizens then flee the closed Oregon State Capitol.  Follow bills on OLIS, and in Joint Ways and Means – a 5000 series bill is a budge bill.  This past week, I voted against most of the state budget bills, some containing…

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Homeless camping on public lands to be allowed.

Oregon communities, counties, now must re-write their laws by July 1, 2023 to accommodate homeless camping on public lands. (HB 3115) As reported by multiple sources, Oregon governments now must allow individuals to sit, lie, sleep, keep warm and dry on public lands. The bill requires local and county governments to modify their laws and ordinances to be in line…

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Tax Hell Week: income tax, property tax, bed tax

This is one of those tax mania weeks in the Oregon Legislature. Income Tax Increase (HB 3328): Yesterday, hearings were held on HB 3328 which creates an income tax increase to fund wildlife programs. This follows the Portland-area model of creating a flood of micro-income tax increases to pay for government bloat: • Portland $50 Art Program Income Tax •…

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Bill could allow formation of new homeless shelter beds across Oregon

Hundreds of emergency shelter beds for people experiencing homelessness could pop up across Oregon in the next year if the State Legislature approves a bill to remove cumbersome zoning rules and demand that cities approve new facility proposals. House Bill 2006 would remove a tangle of land-use approvals and paperwork typically needed to open a shelter, which advocates say currently…

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