Sex Work Decriminalization Campaign Withdraws Petition

An advocacy group seeking to decriminalize sex work through a ballot initiative withdrew its petition Jan. 21. “We are fully committed to decriminalizing and destigmatizing sex work in Oregon,” Anne Marie Bäckstöm, political director of the Sex Worker Rights campaign, tells WW. “We withdrew Initiative Petition 42 to take a chance and tweak and improve the policy. We have never…

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Photo: Law Enforcement, Military, & Firearms equipment

HB 3088 Repeals crime of prostitution

Died In Committee

HB 3088 legalizes prostitution in Oregon

Oregon State Representative Rob Nosse (Democrat, HD-42) has introduced a bill to legalize prostitution. HB 3088 reads “Repeals crimes of prostitution, commercial sexual solicitation and promoting prostitution.”. It defines prostitution as “engagement by a person in sexual conduct or sexual contact with another person in return for a fee.” NY Post writer states the cost of legalizing prostitution,“Nevada has a…

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