HB 2020A Re-Defines Oregon’s Energy Policy

Died in Committee
This bill re-defines Oregon Energy policy from Global Warming fears, to Oregon’s need for energy at an affordable cost, then interjects the need to address climate change in making Energy decisions consistent with state environmental policy.The Oregon Global Warming Commission is abolished, creating the Oregon Energy and Climate Board to set policy and renaming the ODOE to Oregon Department of Energy and Climate.

Personal Choice and Responsibility
High Energy costs are directly related to Policy, rules and regulations that has deemed Climate Change (Global Warming) a deciding factor in Energy policy decisions.(ORS 468A.205.) disregarding Energy at an affordable cost.

Limited Government
The ODOE declares their mission as Leading Oregon to a safe, clean, and sustainable energy future, by adding costs to energy to sustain itself. Oregon’s economy is one of the cleanest, least carbon intensive economies in the country. Providing low greenhouse gas emission energy to consumers without adding costs due to our use of Water Generating facilities, ignoring our overall economic objectives.

Local Control
There is no local control allowed considering that Oregon has an enormous advantage of having Water generating Dams that provide renewable low cost energy, and it is not even counted as renewable in the portfolio, absolutely idiotic considering There is no discernable outcome to Climate change in Oregon or the World.

Free Markets
The free market is ignored by State sponsored rules and regulation that will stifle energy consumers.

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