HB 2186 Core teaching standards apply to public charter schools

Signed into Law
Senate Committee On Education
Public Hearing held 02/16/2015
Work Session held.
Public Hearing held 4/23/2015

HB 2186 inserts bureaucratic legal language “core teaching standards” and processes into teacher evaluation process in charter schools. [Has nothing to do with Common Core State Standards.]

Personal Choice
interferes with the right of charter schools to be free of government interference with the way they evaluate teachers.
Limited Government
Increases the scope of government by extending the bureaucratic dictates of the “core teaching standards” and evaluation process required of district schools into charter schools which are supposed to be free of these dictates.
Local Control
Reduces the local control of the charter school operators and makes them subject to the same state bureaucratic procedures as the district schools when it comes to teacher evaluation process.
Free Markets
interferes with the free market relations between charter school operators and teachers by imposing government legal language and regulations into the evaluation and hiring and firing process.

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