SB 123B Children’s Special Districts

VOTE: NO – Died in Committee – Authorizes formation of children’s special districts and provides districts the authority to assess, levy and collect taxes to pay the cost of children’s services.


HB 2845B Curriculum to Include Ethnic & Social Minority History

VOTE: NO – Passed Committee – Introduces still another state agency to impose standards on K-12 with respect to teaching ethnic and social minority history.


HB 2931 Relating to Behavior Analysis Interventionists.

VOTE: NO – Governor Signed – Clarifies educational requirements for registration of behavior analysis interventionists.


SJR 18 & 20 Prioritizes Education Budget

VOTE: YES – Died in Committee – Amends Oregon Constitution to require Legislative Assembly to pass bill appropriating funds K-12 public education.


HB 4119 Supports School Choice

VOTE: YES – Died in Committee – Removes sunset on provisions that allow students whose legal residence is not within school district to attend school in district as resident if student receives written consent. Removes sunset on authority of institution of higher education to sponsor public charter school. Declares emergency, effective on passage.