HB 2468 Establishes Greenhouse Gas Emission Standards

Died in Committee

Requires Environmental Quality Commission to adopt rules that increases the greenhouse gas emissions reduction standards no later than January 1, 2018. Requires commission to adopt action plan ensuring emissions standards are met, and report on progress using best available climate science.

Personal Choice and Responsibility
Imposes heavier standards beyond 2020 that will limit everyone's activities to meet a goal that is not obtainable. Oregonians are being expected to exceed national standards based on a myth that carbon is causing climate warming.

Fiscal Responsibility
Totally fiscally irresponsible to impose the weight of the world on Oregonians raising our cost of in all forms of energy. Repeals all exceptions to air pollution laws for agriculture operations and equipment, personal barbecues, personal residence heating equipment, weed abatement and certain controlled fires.

Limited Government
Greenhouse gas emissions are carbon dioxide and equivalents and all emissions from the generation of electricity delivered in this state. Requires rules by Jan. 1, 2018, that limit emissions 10% below 1990 levels by 2020, [repeals and replaces 75% by 2050 with]68% by 2035 and 91% by 2050 based on best available science, allowing temporary rules annually reducing emissions 8%. Further requires an interim 5-year limit consistent to meeting 2050 limit. DEQ is required to report to the commission the most recent findings of the International Panel on Climate Change, the National Climate Assessment issued by the United States Global Change Research Program and other leading climate science analysis. The international panel self admit to having ethical issues and a goal to destroy US capitalism.

Free Markets
Emission limits have a profound effect on business production that will be passed to consumers.

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