HB 2524 Minimum percentage of college students must be Oregon residents

Died in Committee

Limits public universitie's choice to attain students with higher academic achievement

Personal Choice
Mandating Oregon public universities to adhere to a minimum percentage of students that are Oregon residents interferes with those universities freedom to achieve potentially higher academic ranking and success, from talent outside of Oregon.
Fiscal Responsiblity
Oregon universities should be free to accept out of state, non-Oregon residents. As mandating Oregon universities to a certain percentage of Oregon residents restricts freedoms, there would be an imposition of accountability upon each university to adhere to this imposition, thus, cause a burden on the taxpayer ultimately to enforce this policy.
Limited Government
Mandating Oregon universities to a minimum of Oregon residents is not essential nor is necessary for the Oregon university system to function, in fact, it would detract as mandating this policy would detract from the overall academic achievements of each university and force Oregon universities to forfeit a greater tuition base.
Local Control
Again, mandating all Oregon universities to a minimum of Oregon residents only limits local control of each university, stifling their individual effectiveness and academic success of each if this policy is implemented.
Free Markets
Oregon universities should not be mandated a set percent of Oregon residents as this requirement would interfere with a universities ability to accept out of state tuition from out of state residents.

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