HB 2543 Delaying Firearm purchases

Died In Committee on 06-26-21
Status (overview) of bill:https://olis.oregonlegislature.gov/liz/2021R1/Measures/Overview/HB2543
Committee assigned to bill:https://olis.oregonlegislature.gov/liz/2021R1/Committees/HJUD/Overview

This bill prohibits the transfer of firearm by gun dealer or private party if the Department of State Police does not provide a response that recipient is qualified to receive a firearm. Removes the current language from the statute which says the sale can proceed the following day if the dealer is not informed that the person is disqualified by then and leaves no time limit for background check result.

Personal Choice and Responsibility
The Oregon State Police are charged with doing firearm sales background checks in Oregon and are chronically understaffed. Currently the wait times are in weeks and run in the thousands of purchases being delayed. The FBI’s NICS is supposed to be an instant check system but relies on human staffing to run the checks. This bill removes the current language which says the sale can proceed the following day if the dealer is not informed that the person is disqualified by then. Dealers are fearful of repercussions so are already waiting for a positive result, but at least there is pressure currently to fix the problem. This bill actually codifies an indefinite wait into law which is an unacceptable infringement on a constitutionally enumerated right.

Limited Government
Government denying the exercise of a protected right because they are not able to manage staffing is not acceptable. Waiting weeks as people already are is not acceptable. Women have been killed by violent ex’s while waiting for government “permission” to acquire a firearm. The background check law is already not functioning as intended due to government mismanagement, and this bill actually sets the malfunction into statute.


  1. Lynn Bryant DeSpain says:

    With Today’s Technology no excuse exist for not completing a “Full Background Check” within a 72 Hour Period. For those who feel an actual need to expedite the the “Background Check” to a 24 Hour Period the Cost of Double the Fee should be deemed.reasonable.


    What…is it armature day in the Oregon legislature. Doing nothing and no response to licensing is not responsible government.

  3. Bruno II says:

    How in the hell can the State Police be so far behind when Bi-Mart can sell you a gun and do the background check in ten minutes? Computers are really fast. I reckon they should use one.

  4. David Klaus says:

    Let’s say somebody has a restraining order against a violent individual and wants to purchase a firearm for protection. Under this bill, they’re at the mercy of OSP to get the background check done in a timely manner. Meanwhile, they could literally die waiting.

  5. Don Reynolds says:

    In the past when I was looking to buy a shotgun for varmint control on my property, I was held up by the OSP for almost a month They went back to 1969 when I had just turned 18 and had a “disturbing the peace” citation almost 50 years prior . They called me on a Sunday evening and explained why I was being held up. I explained I was a child back then and made a mistake and told them that I had served in the Navy with a secret security clearance. Their response was, ” this is not the Navy.” I told them to keep the gun as it was a shotgun and I could get one, anywhere outside of their system. I got a call from the gun shop on Monday and picked it up. COMPLETE system failure ! I resent having some faceless officer controlling my LEGAL buying habits for his entertainment as the general public will if this passes. This would only support a surge in black market gun trade if the anti-gunners get this passed .

  6. Wesley Worley says:

    This Bill serves no purpose other than to deny the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens by simply removing the obligation of the state government to do their duty in a timely manner. This will not deter criminals obtaining firearms, because they don’t go through a system that will reject them. It won’t stop the extremist without a prior record, because there is nothing “on file” to flag them. This only harms law-abiding citizens who wish to exercise their Constitutional rights. Look around, there is actual work that needs to be done in Oregon, and you’re wasting time “solving” a problem that doesn’t exist.

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