HB 2655: Limits arbitrary power of school children to be tested at will.

Signed into Law

Limits the arbitrary power of the state to test at will. Gives parents some control of if and how their children will be tested.

Personal Choice
Massive increase in personal choice and responsibility. Parents will now have an informed choice about whether they children will be subjected to particular tests.
Fiscal Responsiblity
This may actually reduce the state’s testing costs — although it is probably fiscally neutral because notification to parents will increase some costs.
Limited Government
A real reduction in the state’s power to ram through an educational agenda
Local Control
It should increase local control, but given the seeming inability of local school districts to challenge the power of the unions and the state, it is unlikely to do so. It may however increase control of individual schools and will increase control by parents.
Free Markets
This will increase free markets in testing. Parents and schools which might elect not to use the state dictated tests could go into the market and select other tests to evaluate students. The private market in testing is rich and some of the best tests are developed here in Oregon.

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