HB 2680 Prohibits use of statewide assessment to rate schools

Signed into Law

An effort by the OEA association to disallow the use of the increasingly expensive school assessment results to be used in evaluating schools, teachers, or administrators.

Personal Choice
Complex and expensive assessment mechanisms were put in place to increase ways in which schools and staff could be evaluated and held responsible for both successes and failures. That process would increase the ability of parents and communities to take responsibility for their own schools. This bill will decrease both personal choice and personal responsibility
Fiscal Responsiblity
It is fiscally irresponsible to invest vast sums in administration and assessment and then to disallow the use of the information gleaned from those expenditures. It only adds to the enormous, and enormously inappropriate, administrative costs of K-12 education.
Limited Government
The entire Kitzhaber take over of education, fueled by the political power of the teachers union, is an exercise in unlimited government.
Local Control
This bill decreases local tax payer and parent control and increases teachers union control.
Free Markets
Free markets require consumers (in this case parents and taxpayers) to have free access to information in order to evaluate the products they are buying. This bill decreases the possibility of more free market mechanisms in K-12 education.

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