HB 2750 Requires application for apprenticeship to graduate HS

Died in Committee

Requires students to complete and submit application for apprenticeship program or to a post-secondary institution of education, to complete and submit an enlistment application in the Armed Forces or National Guard, or to attend orientation related to apprenticeship or training opportunity, in order to receive a high school diploma. The bill requires action to be taken after graduation in order to receive a diploma, which infringes on freedom of choice. The notion that a student should enlist in the military in order to receive a diploma is contrary to the law regarding an All Volunteer Military and that in itself should disqualify the bill from consideration.

Personal Choice
This bill is in fact an amendment to the existing bill dealing with requirements for graduation from high school. It would require students to make commitments and obligations for post-graduation actions in order to graduate. It is an imposition and a post-contractual requirement which is truly unjust and in my opinion illegal. All requirements for graduation should be completed PRIOR to graduation. It is, apparently, a scheme to bolsters the state’s plan to provide “free” education through post-secondary programs of higher education. This is an effort to give the state more power over the rights of its citizens.
Fiscal Responsiblity
The bill will create a large fiscal obligation which at this time is unfunded.
Limited Government
More government intrusion into the lives of Oregon citizens. The bill will require a larger bureaucracy in the Department of Education and it will require undue actions and fiscal obligations of private citizens.
Local Control
The amendment in HB 2750 once again endeavors to impose the state’s strong arm on education, removing the freedom of action of its citizens.

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