HB 2835 Adoption of common core becomes a School District decision

Died in Committee

House Committee On Education
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Public Hearing Held 3/20/2015   

Would make the adoption of the common core a School District decision — not a state decision. It would also remove automatic funding for implementing and training districts in Common Core.

Personal Choice
Common Core is one of the most aggressive attacks on individual personal choice and responsibility in recent history. If the monopoly holds it will essentially remove choice even from private and home school children. Anything which breaks the common core monopoly reinforcing personal choice for parents and children would be a positive move.
Fiscal Responsiblity
This is part of a monster bill for essentially non classroom expenditures on public education. Almost every sort of program is being subsidized. There is a provision that no more than 2% of the moneys can be used for administration, but then the programs themselves (which are hugely administrative) are defined as not administrative for the purposes of the legislation. This change in the bill would be one step to a more fiscally responsible state budget for education
Limited Government
In making the common core a district wide decision for the public schools, you have limited state and federal government control.
Local Control
District control is far more local than state and federal control. It also allows for greater citizen involvement in decision making. Local or school by school control of such decisions would be even better but the government and the unions will resist it.
Free Markets
Common Core is designed as a monopolistic system. By coercing even private and home schools into the program is would seriously weaken free market solutions to our educational inadequacies

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