HB 3308 Work group on disparities in higher education

Signed into Law

ENROLLED HB 3308B Establishes work group addressing disparities in higher education among traditionally marginalized, under-served and underrepresented communities

House Committee On Higher Education, Innovation, and Workforce Development
Public Hearing held 3/23/2015
Public Hearing held 3/25/2015

HB 3308 directs Higher Education Coordinating Commission to convene work group to analyze and make recommendations on how to address disparities in higher education among traditionally marginalized, underserved and underrepresented communities. Bill, in essence, directs universities to pick winners and losers by favoring a select group of individuals.

Personal Choice
Once again government decides to favor certain people at the exclusion of others. There are limited resources and limited enrollment in most universities. It is not the government and/or the university administration that should choose who is favored, based on color, nationality or sexual preference. It is the responsibility of families and individuals to work and plan in such a way that the student will be supported by the family unit and by already existing loan, grant and scholarship opportunities.
Fiscal Responsiblity
This bill would create more bureaucracy and more financial and economic demand on the already overburdened taxpayer in this state.
Limited Government
HB3308 simply causes government and state institutions to be more bloated and to take more control of individuals. It grows the bureaucracy and the power of government and it take more and more control in every aspect of our lives.
Free Markets
Free markets would dictate that government should allow the market to work free of interference and manipulation by public institutions. This bill, as law, would pick winners and losers.

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