HB 3380 Early learning division to administer preschool program

Signed into Law

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HB 3380 directs the Early Learning Division to administer a preschool program. Prescribes the requirements of program.

Personal Choice
This increases government intrusion into our personal family. It is designed for “low income” people and implies that government can take care of infants better than parents and family.
Fiscal Responsibility
This program will create a whole new and expensive bureaucracy to oversee and to carry out this mandate. This,in reality, is nothing more than a taxpayer funded baby sitting service for children ages 3 to 5. It takes very young children out of the home and places them in government operated centers where they can be fed, cared for AND “indoctrinated.”
Limited Government
There is no clear evidence that early learning instruction benefits children, even disadvantaged children, in the long term. Studies of Head Start show advantages only up to the third grade. The State should not see itself as being in charge of children’ early learning. This is for the parent.
Free Markets
IF there is a compelling argument to support low income families cover child care expenses, there is a much more effective and efficient way of providing this. In stead of setting up a centralized early learning bureaucracy, the state should give vouchers to parents to find the most appropriate pre-school experience for their children and family.

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