HB 3483 Adding secular organization to solemnize marriage


Died in Committee

HB 3483A secular organizations and legislators to list of persons and entities authorized to solemnize marriages.

All the testimony given has been from secular individuals claiming hardship in finding someone to marry them. The hardship is imagined to make their argument.  What they fail to recognize is the consequences of opening the authorization to secular organizations, which I doubt they would approve.

Secular organization is defined in Section 1 (1)(b) as members that subscribe to secular values, beliefs and practices.  What this definition fails to recognize is that outside of religious values, beliefs and practices that come from the Bible, there is not guidelines of moral or ethical requirements. Therefore, a secular organization includes any satanic group, Christian science group, or groups that practice forced marriages putting young women and girls in danger.

The AHA Foundation, an advocacy organization founded by vocal women’s rights defenders, helped 54 victims in 2013 out of forced marriages. And, in 2012 the U.K. Forced Marriage Unit reported 1,485 cases of forced marriages.

Why make Oregon a spawning ground for these abuses?

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