Salem State Capital

HB 3483A Adding secular organization to solemnize marriage

HB 3483A Secular organizations and legislators to list persons and entities authorized to solemnize marriages.


HB 2158 Corporate Excise Tax Rates Based on HS Graduation Rates

VOTE:NO – Died in Committee – Provides for increase in personal income and corporate excise tax rates to fund the School Improvement Fund based on high school graduation rate.


SJR 2 Proposes amendment to Oregon Constitution; transfers tax revenues to state school fund for K-12 public education.

Removes the current law that excess personal income tax revenues should be returned to personal income taxpayers. Refers proposed amendment to voters in next regular general election.


HB 3475 National Popular Vote

HB 3475 will enact Oregon as a member of the Interstate Compact for agreement among the states to elect the President by National Popular Vote.


HB 2662 “Pay It Forward” program and fund

HB 2662 establishes a “Pay it Forward” program which would provide approved applicants funding to cover tuition and other costs relating to their education.


SB 556 Prohibits use of expulsion to address truancy.

Vote :NO – Signed into Law by Gov Kitzhaber
Disallows expulsion from the public schools for truancy.


HB 2616 Establishes state apprenticeship education and training fund.

Establishes a State Apprenticeship Education and Training fund to be overseen by the Bureau of Labor and Industry.


SJR 18 New sales tax to fund education support fund.

Proposes a new sales tax to fund an education support fund.


HB 3166 Establishes standards to hire non-licensed persons to teach non-core working skills classes.

Vote:NO – Signed into Law by Gov Kitzhaber
Establishes standards for school districts to hire non-licensed persons with appropriate skills to teach non-core working skills classes.


SB 819 Increases amount school districts pay public charter schools.

If this does increase the number of charter schools, it will give more choice and responsibility to parents and students.


SB 487 Disclosure of teacher’s termination to potential employers

Directs school districts to forward documentation relating to charges of teacher’s termination to independent entity for disclosure to potential educational employers.