HB 4091 Distorts Student Success Act

Died in Committee
Declared an Emergency
Status (overview) of bill: https://olis.oregonlegislature.gov/liz/2022R1/Measures/Overview/HB4091

Develops a statewide education plan for students who are Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander. Requires all statewide education plans to include strategies that provide for alignment with other statewide education plans. Directs Department of Education to revise processes for collection of racial and ethnic data for purpose of developing and implementing statewide education plans.

Personal Choice and Responsibility
All students can and will succeed if given the right education for their learning, but this bill will not do that. It is aimed at those who have experienced disproportionate results in education due to historical practices, as identified by the State Board of Education by rule.

Fiscal Responsibility
This bill will financially reward educational entities with grants if they implement this plan. It is also provides funding in the Statewide Education Initiative Account for equity initiatives for the minority gender identity or sexual orientation education plan developed under ORS 329.847, a statewide plan.

Limited Government
In 2019 the legislature passed the Student Success Act. Since that time they have segregated students by color, race, native Americans, and sexual orientation with specific programs to be exclusive rather than inclusive. Now they want to add Pacific Islanders evaluating their disparities just based on their race. This narrow approach is lowering standards and expectations for students who may be struggling instead of helping them succeed in the adult world that operates on equality, not equity.

This bill directs ODE to develop an advisory committee for Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islanders who will then assist ODE by informing the development and implementation of a plan for Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander student success. This plan must also be implemented in alignment with the existing statewide student success plan initiatives. Additionally, this bill requires that ODE identify additional racial and ethnic subgroups including multiracial categories, to collect relevant data, including data on student discipline and academic outcomes. American is called a melting pot for a reason, we all are a mix of races and ethnic origin. Does this tracking our DNA, gender identity and sexual orientation help unify or by the end, well we all be segregated yielding to more racism and discrimination?

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