HB 4119 Supports School Choice

VOTE: YES – Died in Committee

Summary:  Removes sunset on provisions that allow students whose legal residence is not within school district to attend school in district as resident if student receives written consent. Removes sunset on authority of institution of higher education to sponsor public charter school. Declares emergency, effective on passage. 

This bill continues to allow parents and students to attend the public school that best meet their needs

Fiscal Responsibility:  Allows students (and the funds for their education) to go where best meets their needs

Free markets:  Opens up accessibility to public schools in districts other than students' home districts so students can attend the schools that best meet their needs

Local Control: School districts are given the option to accept these students

Personal Responsibility:  Gives parents and students the ability to seek the education best suited to their needs.

Limited Government:   Contributes to removing local school districts from determining what school a student attends



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